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1. Getting Started

Creating an Account: You can create your account by providing Username, Email Address and password at here or you can sign up with Facebook or Google.
Logging In/Out: You can login the website after creating the account by entering Email and password. You can logout after logged in by clicking profile picture at the top and click “Log out”.

2. Browsing and Searching for Photos

Search Bar: You can search photos according to your need by entering keywords.
Categories and Tags: You can also search photos by categories and tags.
Featured Collections: Feature photos will give you the most downloaded or viewed photos.

3. Downloading Photos

Licensing and Usage: There are two license types available, Regular and Extended. Regular license could use the photo in personal use (Blog post, Articles, School projects, Research papers, etc.)  whereas Extended license is for commercial purposes (Calendar, Billboard, Advertisement, News, etc.)
Download Process: You can download or purchase easily choosing the license and size.
Download History: You can find purchase and download history at account setting.

4. Uploading Photos

Contributor Guidelines: Photographers and contributors should follow these guidelines-
  • Quality Photos: Produce high-quality, well-composed images.
  • Legal Rights: Ensure you have legal rights to the photos you submit.
  • Model Releases: Obtain model releases for recognizable people.
  • Property Releases: Get property releases for private locations.
  • Keywording: Use accurate and relevant keywords and descriptions.
  • Categorization: Place photos in appropriate categories.
  • No Trademarks: Avoid including trademarked or copyrighted elements.
  • Exclusivity: Understand and follow exclusivity agreements.
  • Metadata: Include metadata and copyright information.
  • Compliance: Adhere to the platform's submission guidelines
Uploading Photos: Clicking “Upload” or “+” button, you will reach the upload page. Drag and drop photo to respective area or click and choose to upload the photo. You will have to provide Title, Tags, Category, Subcategory, Free or for sale, Permissions, Types and Descriptions. If the item is for sale, you need to set the price. After then, you simply click upload.
Review Process: We will review the photos in following manners once you have upload it.
  • It is not allowed images of violence or pornographic content of any kind.
  • It must not contain any illegal materials.
  • It must not include any copyrighted contents.
  • It must be of Authoring.

5. Managing Your Account

Profile Settings: You can adjust your profile at Account Setting where you can change or add your information and exclusivity.
Payment and Billing: You can add funds in wallet in order to purchase photos. To add funds, click profile picture and then click Wallet. You can enter the amount to be add in your wallet and confirm that amount by transferring the money via described payment method.
Privacy and Security: You can change your password anytime at Account Settings> Password and you can enable Two-Step Authentication for extra security.

6. Troubleshooting

Common Issues: If you have issue with website, please contact us anytime. We would like to hear feedback from you. You can contact us via
Technical Support: If you need technical support, please contact us from our Imagezay Facebook Page.

7. Legal and Compliance

Terms of Service: You can read here.
Privacy Policy: You can read here.
Copyright Violations Takedown: You can report the photos from our report system if the photos are violated with copyright and legal laws. We will review and takedown soon after if the reported information is correct.

8.Community and Support

Forum/Community: We are currently constructing social forum for the discussions.
Contact Support: You can contact anything about directly at here.
FAQs: We will update the FAQs here by the time questions are arise.

We're here to make your experience on Imagezay as smooth and enjoyable as possible. If you have any further questions, concerns, or feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. Thank you for choosing us for your stock photo needs.

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